seriesw electric submersible dredge motor

Date: 24 Jun 2010
    YQN seriesw electric submersible dredge motor is developed for channel dredging and sand mining, and applied in trailing suction dredge and twisting suction dredge, sand mining ship of deep sea, which is matched with underwater pump, cabin pump, sand pump or twisting driving system. It can work underwater or in cabins for a long period of time. All of its functions can satisfy various requirements of the above-mentioned dredges, ships, pumps, gear cases. At the same time, the product has the characteristics of the structure reasonable, choose the material superior quality, install convenient and the credibility high etc. It is the perfect driving equipment of dredge industry.
    When the product is used to match with converters, it has been taken full consider of the effects on the motor created by the high-frequency harmonic of converter and the change of frequency, to insure it meet the requirements of frequency control on motor.
    The product has a variety of installation forms. We can select it in accordance with the conditions and the wse of ancillary products.
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